Lesbian Dating First Date Guide

Lesbian Dating First Date GuideYour first date as a lesbian is an exciting but scary experience and it's important to jump in with both feet. Lesbian dating is fun if you make it fun and the rest will fall into place naturally. If you are newly into the lesbian dating market and you need a first date guide, here it is.

1. Dress to show off your personality

There is no reason to dress to impress if it just doesn't show off who you are and it isn't you. Of course, you want to make an effort but you should also dress comfortably in an outfit that fully shows off your personality. On a similar note, if you are not a makeup kind of gal, don't wear it! If you want to find someone who you are really compatible with, the first date is the best chance to put yourself out there and she needs to take you as who you are. You can look good in ANYTHING as long as you wear it with confidence.

2. Keep the conversation light

Not to sound stereotypical but women can get a little intense even on a first date and this is not recommended. Even if you are really into this girl, don't show it too fast. Keep the conversation light and fun. First dates should be about getting to know each other but also having a laugh and enjoying one another's company. If alcohol makes you a little overly emotional then consider not drinking much.

3. Greet her with a hug

When you initially walk into the restaurant or wherever else you have arranged to meet, have a hug! A handshake is way too formal for lesbian dating and kisses can also be awkward to maneuver, a hug is a nice middle ground. It's also more personal and sets the tone for a chilled out and enjoyable date with one another.

4. Ask questions and listen to her answers

Pay an interest in her and ask questions about her life. This could be related to what she does in her spare time, her line of work, her family life.etc. When she does speak, pay attention and make eye contact to show your interest. Hopefully, the questions will be reciprocated your way and a nice conversation will naturally flow.

5. Don't talk about exes

One topic of conversation that you should definitely stay away from on ANY first date is exes. You are there with her and if you constantly talk about past relationships, she is going to think that you are not over them. This is such a turn-off and you can almost guarantee if you excessively talk about your ex, she is not going to call you for a second date.

6. Be a little more forward

Obviously lesbian dating is different from straight dating. When a man and woman date, it's the man who is expected to make the first move if things are going well. If you feel like the timing is right, invite her on a second date or even go in for a kiss. She might be too shy to make the move and you don't want to lose out on this opportunity just because you are too nervous to go for it. The likelihood is, she will like this forward approach, it can be a big turn on.

7. Look for red flags and don't settle

Your date might be giving off red signs that they are not right for you. This could be something as simple as not having the same interests to being overly possessive towards you already. If you are into her then you should follow the previous step and go for it but if you are not, there are so many other women out there. Don't settle for somebody just because you think there are fewer options with lesbian dating as this definitely isn't the case nowadays.


I hope this lesbian dating first date guide has helped you figure things out a little better. The most important thing is just to relax and enjoy yourself. It will be very obvious if you are having a good time and in turn, this will rub off on her. There are so many lesbian dating sites out there so don't tie yourself down to one woman. Go on MANY first dates to increase the likelihood that you find your dream girl.